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Protected species

The UK has a vast array of flora and fauna many of which are protected under UK and European legislation.  Some of these species and the habitats they live receive protection under Local, UK and European legislation.

Prior to land being developed, it is essential that an ecological survey is undertaken  to establish what species are present and the impact that the development will have on the species within the site and the wider landscape. 

The initial ecological appraisal will identify what species are present or likely to be present on the site based on a survey of the habitats within the site and surrounding area. 

For species such as; bats, badgers, dormice, great crested 
newts and reptiles, it will often be necessary to carry out 
additional surveys to establish if these species are present.

These surveys are often seasonally constrained and can 
only be undertaken during suitable weather conditions 
within certain months of the year (see survey timetable).

Nick Weaver Ecology offers a full range of protected species surveys, licensing and mitigation. For more information please contact us.

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